Out-Sourced Accounting


Having Trouble Finding and Retaining a Competent and Reliable Bookkeeper or Accountant?

Why Not Outsource the Bookkeeping or Accounting Headache?

Get Accurate, Dependable, Real-time Information From a Highly Qualified and Experienced team comprised of a CPA, Bookkeeper and Accounting Clerk.

All at a Cost Savings up to 50%!

In today’s world of low unemployment rates it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a highly qualified bookkeeper or accountant. Do you have a need for only part-time help but must pay a person full-time? Is managing people and the accounting function keeping you from focusing your time on what you do best; growing and expanding your business that you are the expert in? What do you do when the employee is on vacation or is sick? Are you worried once you have found and completely trained a person, that they may move on to another employer that offers more salary and benefits requiring you to start all over again?

The Accounting Source provides you with the option of outsourcing part of or all of the accounting cycles of your office just as if we are in your office. Because we use a team approach, it is now possible to not only have your accounting needs taken care of, but also have a CPA that acts as a part-time CFO for your company.

How is it done? By using application service provider (ASP) technology, your accounting file is hosted on a secure remote server that can be accessed by you and your accounting team at the same time. You are provided with a high-speed scanner to upload your source documents. Once the source documents are sent, the accounting team begins work on processing the information into your accounting program in which you have immediate access.

Key Benefits

What are my benefits for using this service?

  • The Accounting Source completes the accounting cycle.

No longer need to advertise, hire, train, and manage accounting staff, which eliminates headache and saves time.

No longer have to provide additional workspace, pay employee taxes and benefit expenses which will save you money.

You will have peace of mind that your compliance tax work will be done accurately and on-time.

  • You have 24/7 access to your accounting information whether you are at the office, home or on a business trip as long as you have a computer with a modem connection.

Allows you to have accurate financial information at all times to make important business decisions to increase profits.

  • Your data receives multi-layered protection, 3 firewalls, 128K encryption and password protection.

Accounting information is secure as well as remotely backed-up and stored in a fire safe vault so in-house computer crashing or other disasters are no longer a concern.

  • You will have a strategy session up front with the CPA to discuss your business and goals.

This will allow the CPA to review your numbers to provide feedback to increase your profits and reduce your taxes. We will be your sounding board for questions about your business finances.

  • The monthly fee is less than what you are or will need to pay a bookkeeper/accountant right NOW!

As much as a 50% savings in accounting costs while adding a part time CFO.

For more information concerning our outsourced accounting services please fill out the information request form below or  contact Todd Jensen at (509) 484-2100 or email us at todd@theaccountingsource.com.

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